Inside the B&B Art Studio!

Here at Brush and Bubbles, one of the best parts of being a small business is having the freedom to pop-up and paint at some amazing venues across the UK! We’ve worked from cafes and restaurants, bookstores and bakeries; from private gardens and Welsh castles to auction houses and corporate offices! Our flexible mobility has given us the chance to get creative in the coolest as well as quirkiest of places but each of these incredible experiences, starts with brainstorming and planning our paintings in the B&B Art Studio!

An artist’s studio is their creative sanctuary and we know how important it is to make your space completely unique and your own - from the set up routine to the music you play -  whatever helps to get that inventive energy flowing. We’re going behind-the-scenes with Brush and Bubbles Artist and Co-founder, Lara Goodison, to show you where the painting magic happens.  

Q: What’s your favourite painting hanging in your studio right now?

A: Oh, a favourite painting is SUCH a hard one! I do love anything to do with the moon and sky, so I think the galaxy painting is possibly one of my faves. It’s also a really fun one to paint 🌌 

Q: How do you come up with your painting tutorial ideas?

A: I love thinking of new ideas and designs for the paintings - we all brainstorm ideas constantly at Brush & Bubbles HQ, which is always super helpful and fun! We like to pull inspiration from nature, animals and food mostly 😂  It’s also so lovely visiting galleries (when we can) and getting ideas from some of the greats both past and present. Both my parents happen to be artists too and they’re very helpful with sending me tips and ideas. 

woman holding paintbrush

Image by Brush and Bubbles, Ltd.

Q: Do you have a routine that gets you into the artsy groove?


 A: Ooo yes, I like to spend a moment and allow myself to set up my arty space properly. I used to get too excited by the idea of sitting down to paint and would rush the prep, resulting in me leaving something out, like the cup of water or blue paint and I’d spend the next 10-minutes getting up and down gathering all the bits! I now like to set up my painting station - making sure I have everything I need in front of me, which often includes and nice hot drink and my dog, Alby, by my feet for company. 

artist holding a painting with dog sitting near

Image by Brush and Bubbles, Ltd.

Q: Music while you're painting or do you prefer the quiet?

A: I always think it’s a nice idea to listen to music while you paint, or an audio book or podcast but often I get so into the creating I end up painting in silence, which is actually lovely and calming since we often live our lives surrounded by noise.

cartoon of two girls dancing to music whilst holding paint supplies

Cartoon by Brush and Bubbles, Ltd. 


Q: Painting pals are the best! Who visits your studio most often?

A: I love a painting pal! Tiff is my number one painting pal - we often sit for hours painting or doing other crafts-like activities haha we love a craft! We’ve done everything from notebook making to life drawing to flower bouquet arranging to tie-dyeing! We loved tie-dyeing so much we even made a bunch of tutorials on how to do this yourself at home that we put on our YouTube channel. My mum often likes painting with us too and we spend hours together laughing away and creating something mad! 

two women in tie-dye t-shirts

Image by Brush and Bubbles, Ltd. 


We love hearing tips, tricks and stories of your artistic journey! Feel free to share these with us in the comments!

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