At Brush and Bubbles, we are completely obsessed with animals! We have now had numerous fluffies attend our classes and have lots of fluffy helpers behind-the-scenes. Here’s just a few of our loyal team members…

dog posing next to colourful pumpkins


Jakey is one of our oldest fluffies. He enjoys runs on the beach, snuggling and eating. His favourite time of the year is Halloween - here he is helping us paint pumpkins! He is the older brother of Alby, and has passed on lots of his painting knowledge to his younger brother. Together they have transformed their garage into an art studio where they work together creating art pieces. Think ‘The Connor Brothers’ but with more fluff.

dog with paintbrush in his mouth


Alby often gets paint all over his paws. His favourite type of art is the super fun paint-pour (paw!). He has lots of toy friends that he brings along to hang out with him while he and his brother Jakey create masterpieces. Some of their recent work was featured in world-famous Kruftie’s Art House.

Dog on leash next to leaflet


Rocco is a very hard working fluffy. He runs his own fashion company where they create doggy pyjamas! Whilst juggling his own business, he can also be found wandering the streets of London, giving out leaflets about Brush and Bubbles, and selling the Paint and Prosecco dream!

Dog on table surrounded by art supplies


Rupey is one of our cheekiest fluffies. He enjoys chewing things and lots of cuddles. He is happiest when surrounded by family and friends. He prefers painting with watercolour as he feels it reflects his carefree, creative personality well. His dog-mummy (Tooshy) is also an artist at Brush and Bubbles, so the artistic talent definitely runs in the family.

Dog on chair looking up at painted canvas


Nala is named after the beautiful lioness in The Lion King. She enjoys a paws-up kind of day, relaxing with her hoomum! Their hobbies together also include sailing, bike riding and swimming in the paddling pool! She is a keen artist, and here can be seen finishing off her ‘rolling hills’ painting at a Brush and Bubbles class.

Dog sitting on table holding a paintbrush in its mouth


Gordon is one of our youngest fluffy helpers.. but he has a lot of natural artistic talent. He is guided by his doggie mum and dad to follow his dreams, always. He specialises in creating oil paintings and prefers to paint colourful, abstract scenes. One to watch in the doggy art world!

Dog wearing art apron


Ozzy is one smart pup! He is not only super cuddly, but also the CEO of a his own graphic design company - Boldly. He was the brains behind designing our original Brush and Bubbles logo that we still use today. Thanks Ozzy, great skills.

Fluffy dog holding paintbrush in its mouth


Poppy is probably one of our smallest helpers. She accompanies us while we attend accountant meetings and insists on having her own seat at the table. She likes painting glittery paintings of rainbows and starry skies. She is also super tiny so tends to stick to painting the mini canvases rather than the big ones!

Dog wearing glasses laying on bed


Lola is a cheeky cocker spaniel who loves nothing better than going to the beach, running in the sea, and digging sand whilst barking! In the house her ‘arty’ streak comes out when she is left alone… she will nibble any Christmas or birthday cards (especially if they have been freshly displayed). If cards are not available she will use any book, magazine, or very important paperwork!

Join the Hall of Fluff!

If you have a Fluffy or a painty pal who enjoys getting creative, then please do email your pics and we can add them to the Hall of Fluff!