If you are having a private event with us, you can choose what you would like to paint! Here are a few of our past paintings to give you a little inspiration or we can create you a bespoke painting of your choosing!

Starry Night Wolf Painting
Seaside Flamingo Painting
Boho Llama Painting
Great Outdoors Painting
Temple Painting
Northern Lights Mountainscape Painting
Temple Mountaintop Sunset Painting
London Sunset Skyline Painting
Tower Bridge London Painting
Pineapple Beach Painting
Stargazing Comet Painting
Stag Painting
Under the Sea Turtle Painting
Waterfall Painting
Sunset Elephant Painting
Long-haired Yak Painting
London Skyline Painting
Sunset Palm Tree Painting
Seaside Lighthouse Painting
Galaxy Mountain Painting
Pyramid Painting
Parrot Painting
Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Painting
Wild Lavender Painting
Sunset Safari Painting
Winter Landscape Painting