6 Fun and Easy Activities to do with your Kids during Lockdown!

Spending time at home during Lockdown has allowed us all to get a lot more creative with how we keep ourselves entertained - from binging Netflix series to finally finishing those DIY house projects... but for those with kids in the house, this can be a little more challenging! 

With the absence of school, group sports, and regular play dates, what can you do with your kids that doesn’t involve endless screen time?

We’ve put together a few fun and easy ways you can keep your children engaged and explore the world through creativity!

Get Painty with our Online Tutorials!

Our free step by step painting tutorials are a great way for you to jumpstart your artistic journey with your kids! There are no rules when it comes to getting painty but if you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ve put together lots of kid-friendly videos to turn your kitchen into Picasso’s studio!

Write to a Pen Pal!

Remember having a pen pal? In this digital age, the art of letter writing has gotten lost in the sea of technology! What a better way to revive this beautiful and thoughtful tradition than in a time when we cannot regularly see those we love! Teach your kids how to write a letter (decorate it with some artsy doodles) and send it to family and friends!

Photo by Sigmund via Unsplash

Create a Scavenger Hunt around your house!

You are never too old to enjoy a good scavenger hunt! Grab those coloured pencils, get out those crayons and design a treasure map that will have your kids excited to adventure around the home! This can be a great opportunity to incorporate homeschool lessons because you can make it an excursion to find certain colours, letters of the alphabet or even animals!

Photo by N. via Unsplash


Bake your way through Maths!

Learning maths never tasted so good! Baking is a great way to get your children to understand different parts of mathematics! Not only can you help your kids learn the difference between measurements or fractions but you will have some yummy treats to enjoy and a lifetime of fun memories!

Photo by Alexander Dummer via Unsplash

Take a Virtual Museum Tour! 

Even though we’re not able to travel at the moment, there are some amazing opportunities to explore the world’s most incredible and exciting exhibitions! Whether it’s an art museum or science fun, support these world-renowned organisations by mixing them in your homeschool agenda! 

 Photo by Alexander Dummer via Unsplash

Get Totally Tie-Dye!

Perhaps you just want to spend the afternoon jumping around in all the colours! Check out our easy to follow tie-dye tutorial and up-cycle clothes with your kids!


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