8 Art Quotes to Kickstart your Day!

With November in full swing, the days feel shorter and the to-do list feels longer! It makes sense that you may need to dig a little deeper to get the artistic juices flowing! Whether it's putting on your favourite song that you just can't help but dance around the room to, or making yourself a toasty cup of coffee or tea to set your mind right, or perhaps it's just cleaning out your art box and organising the studio for that 'fresh-start' kind of feeling - whatever you have to do to ignite that passion and get you into the groove, we say go for it! 

Here at Brush and Bubbles HQ, it can be all of the above and then some! We've even decided that sometimes it takes soaking up the knowledge of some pretty amazing and inspirational women, and we're right as rain! If looking for a little extra inspiration today, check out these creative quotes from fabulous female artists!

Amy Sherald

quote by Amy Sherald

Maria Abramovic

quote by Marina Abramovic

Yayoi Kusama

quote by Yayoi Kusama

Georgia O'Keeffe

quote by Georgia O'Keeffe

Louise Bourgeois

quote by Louise Bourgeois

Frida Kahlo

quote by Frida Kahlo

Tracey Emin

quote by Tracey Emin

Helen Frankenthaler

quote by Helen Frankenthaler
There is no better way to kickstart that creative energy than by looking to the artistic greats to fuel your soul! If you have other quotes from famous female artists that you especially enjoy, let us know in the comments below! 


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