New Year - Time For Some Self-Care!



What does the New Year represent? It's another 365 days on the calendar passing, people grow a year older and the calendar year goes up. New year to some means a new beginning or a chance to change things for the better, the magic in another year is that you can take it how you want, you can charge straight in with a fresh new attitude and manifest the positive changes in your life, or you can take your time to experience each and every day, finding your way as you go along.

The meaning of a resolution is to re-evaluate the years passed but then look ahead for the years to come!  

People commonly set goals such as getting organised, travelling more or exercising, but this year, why not set goals more focused on you? Self care is about making time for yourself. Taking care of the person you spend the absolute most time with is the most beneficial thing you can do for yourself! Finding ways to relax is proven to reduce any negatives that can be pulling you down such as stress or anxiety and reducing those troubles can lift a mountain off of your shoulders! 

Here are some ideas of activities and fun things to do, in 2022:

1. Read A Book

Reading is essential in life, it improves vocabulary, imagination and influences you to empathise with other people and understand emotions. You could even look to join a book club - connect with other people and discuss your views and opinions on different stories and books.

2. Paint A Picture

If your resolution for the year is to pick up a hobby, why not try painting?  The benefits are endless, the effect it can have on your mind is incredible and once you’re done, you also get to keep something to be proud of, which can make you feel even better! 

If you need a helpful guide then check out our relaxing sunrise tutorial!


3. Go For A Walk 

Grab a friend, your pet or even just yourself and get out of the house for a while! While on your walk, take in the sights you see. Enjoy the fresh air that sweeps through the trees of a park, not only does it help improve physical health but mental as well.

Image by Brush and Bubbles, Ltd.

4. Take A Nap!

Did you know that taking a 20-30 minute nap improves your mood? Rest is incredibly important but also benefits you by sharpening your focus and reducing fatigue, as well as boosting creativity!

5. Have A Cuppa

Nothing warms the soul like a nice hot cup of your fave beverage.. tea, coffee or even an indulgent hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows!!!

6. Jazz Up Your Wardrobe 

Why not use some of last season's clothes and mix up your style a bit? You could start with an old pair of jeans you find boring and add some colour and excitement into them! You can use our YouTube tutorial as a guide:


7. Watch Your Favourite TV Show 

Lose yourself for a couple hours in a few episodes of your fave TV show. Maybe grab some snacks to accompany the chill time - popcorn is always our snack of choice!

8. Draw A Picture

You can throw on some music to further your relaxation and lose yourself in the drawing zone! Even if you only doodle or draw something small, the relaxation benefits are so worth it!

                                                    Image by Brush and Bubbles, Ltd.


9. Meditate 

Meditation is a way to manage your stress and anxiety and gain focus over your thoughts. You can train your awareness which will clear your mind, and calm yourself emotionally. One of our fave apps is Bhuddify - easy to use guided meditation if you need some tips of how/where to start!

10. Take A Self-Care Sunday

Use your Sundays for you! Why not take the day to relax and try some of our fun and relaxing ideas...

 Image by Brush and Bubbles, Ltd. 


Happy New Year,


Brush and Bubbles x


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